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One of Japan's most famous matcha cities: Uji


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Japan is the country of matcha! One of the most famous matcha cities in Japan is Uji, just south of Kyoto. Traditionally, high demands were placed on matcha from Uji. Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan where matcha tea was served during aristocratic traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Therefore, the growers in the region had to convey the highest standards of cultivation and production.

What is matcha

Japanese matcha tea is a fine green powder made from whole ground tea leaves and is distinguished by its rich flavor and dark green color. The young shoots of the tea plant are shaded for 3-4 weeks before harvest and after harvesting and drying the stems and veins are removed from the leaf to make Tencha tea. This is then ground to powder with a stone mill or bread mill into matcha tea powder.

Tourist attraction Uji

Due to its reputation for producing top quality matcha and rich history, Uji is a huge tourist hot spot. Here you will find many ancient historical shrines and temples. The whole city has merged with nature. There are scenic river banks, large parks and a botanical garden. After a long day of strolling the markets, visiting boutiques and seeing numerous sights, it's a must for any matcha lover to end the day with a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, featuring locally grown and prepared matcha. Visit the public tea house in Byodoin Temple to participate in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony.

Hopefully we can travel again soon. This place is high on our bucket list to visit after the corona pandemic. Until then, we imagine ourselves in Japan with our matcha tea from Maruyama Tea Corperation. Want to try matcha? Shop our matcha tea here on our website.


Uji Japan Matcha

Photo via Instagram:@khaosan_kyoto


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