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Organic - Coffee Beans - Ecuador "Loja Sundried"

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Organic Single Estate coffee beans from Ecuador. 

This perfected coffee stands out for its round body with a spicy tartness and a fine, chocolatey finish. A must-have for every coffee lover.


This exquisite coffee comes from the Loja region, located on Ecuador's southern highland slope. The plantation is located at an altitude of 1,900 m in the Andes, where we can find the best climatic conditions for the cultivation and drying in the sun of this excellent Arabica coffee. The hand-picked coffee beans are thoroughly cleaned and thus stripped of the pulp. The coffee is then distributed evenly on "sun terraces" where the coffee is dried slowly and evenly in the sun, reducing the humidity to 11-12%. The coffee is then stored for at least 30 days and only skinned just before export. This is how it gets its excellent characterful taste.

Ecuadorian coffee has a long history. It was introduced in the early 19th century and became the main export in the early 20th century. Due to problems with poor harvests and poor production methods, which prevented a homogeneous quality, coffees from Ecuador never made it to the list of top quality coffees. Like other coffee-producing countries nearby, Ecuador has perfect climatic and geographical conditions for growing coffee, which is why excellent qualities can be found, including these Loja Sundried coffee beans. 

Single Estate coffee stands for the highest quality coffee. The coffee beans for this coffee come from a single estate. Single Estate coffee is therefore often only available in small quantities.



Bio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelen


Bio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelen


Bio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelenBio koffie online bestelen

Bestel bio slow koffieFine
Bestel bio koffie met french pressMedium

Country of origin: Ecuador
Brand: Café Cult
Ingredients: 100% Arabica roasted coffee beans (of organic origin)
Allergy Information: Contains no allergen products.
Caffeine: Yes
Best before: minimum 4 months after delivery.
Storage advice: keep tightly closed, dry and dark.
Article number: ET20020

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Goede service! Er was iets mis gegaan maar keurig opgelost

Sandra kleberg Heart Craft via Google


This is the beast tea this is the best tea i have ever tasted! Amazing taste and result!

Полина Димитрова via Google


Goede producten en snelle levering, helemaal top 👌🏻

Helga Wildeman via Google


Sinds een tijdje bestel ik thee bij Earl Orange! De service top! Maar nog belangrijker: het is heerlijk! Ze hebben heel veel keus, ik drink nu tijdens het werk altijd de Relax & Concentratie thee, deze is erg lekker. Ook hebben ze echt toffe accessoires waardoor thee drinken nog leuker wordt!

Laura van der Veen-Arends via Google


Goede ervaringen met Earl Orange, klantvriendelijk, goede producten, snelle levering. Uiterst tevreden. 👍👍

Karen de jeu via Google


Ik ontvang al 2 maanden de suprise box met heerlijke smaken thee! Veel variatie, mooie verpakking en snelle bezorging! Earl orange heeft losse thee waardoor je zelf makkelijk de sterkte van de thee kan bepalen en het is veel milieuvriendelijker dan zakjes.

Marianne Tijsen via Google


Super service, they answer all your questions quickly and friendly. They helped us making our chose and then after a only a couple of days our order already arrived (in Belgium). Nice and firm box, sturdy packaging. We very much recommend! A selection of their tea makes the perfect end-of-year gift or for any other occasion really.

Hannah Eeckhout via Facebook


Ik kreeg een Warm Hug theepakket door mijn brievenbus en dacht 'Huh?!'. Maar bleek een ontzettend leuk kaartje in te zitten. Leuk cadeautje van een vriendin van mij. Ik kende Earl Orange nog niet, maar erg lekkere thee! En leuke website. Bedankt!! :-)

Chantal Nieuwenhuizen via Google


Uitstekende thee, vriendelijke service, mooie website. Ik ga zeker weer bestellen!

Emily Woestenenk via Google