How do I make loose leaf tea? 5 Tips!

There are different methods to brew loose tea. The easiest way to make loose tea is to turn on the kettle, put the loose tea in a sieve or filter and pour the hot water over the tea. Let the tea steep and ready! Well, there is nothing wrong with that, but to make a perfect cup of tea, there are more to consider.

Hoe moet ik losse thee zetten?

1. Water quality

The main ingredient in tea is water. Just brewing loose tea with tap water is possible, but it can also have a negative effect on the taste. The taste of tap water can vary greatly per region. It is determined, among other things, by the water source and the substances used to purify the drinking water.

If the tap water is not tasty, you can also choose to make your tea with bottled water or filter the tap water first with a water filter.

Earl Tips
Always use fresh water to make a new cup or pot of tea. Cold water contains more oxygen than boiling water. When you boil the water several times, the water loses more and more oxygen and can cause the tea to absorb less well in the water. 

2. Kettle

To make a cup of loose tea, you have to boil the water. The advice of various tea experts is that you should not use a plastic kettle for this. Plastic kettles can give off a distinct smell and taste. It is best to use a metal kettle.

3. Pottery or glass

It is best to use a glass teapot / tea glass or a pottery mug to make loose tea. A glass teapot or tea glass has the advantage that you can see the loose tea and the brewing process. A pottery mug, on the other hand, often keeps the water warm for longer..

4. How many scoops of loose tea 

Making loose tea is precision work. Too much or too little loose tea can make or crack the tea. How much loose leaf tea to add for the perfect cup of tea is different for each tea. Therefore, always pay attention to the recommended amount of loose tea per cup. If you are brewing a large pot of tea, first measure how many milliliters of water goes into the pot and adjust the amount of loose tea accordingly. Additionally, you can use a tea measuring spoon.

5. How long to brew tea

You don't have to brew every tea for the same time. Black, green, and white tea generally won't let you steep for that long, usually around 5 minutes. It is best to infuse fruit blends and herbal teas longer, between 8 and 10 minutes. With all our loose teas the recommended brewing time is indicated on the package.


There are many other ways to make tea. For example for iced tea, Chai Latte tea, matcha tea and so on. We will come back to that later.


  • My relafives all the time sayy that I am killing my time here aat net, except
    I know I am getting familiarity all the time by reeading such fastidious posts.
  • My relatives all the time say that I am killing my time here at net, except I know
    I am getting familiarity all the time by reading such fastidious posts.

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