Our passion for tea arose a few years ago during our road trip through China. We visited a tea farm and spoke to a tea farmer there. With enormous passion, he told us about his tea farm and how healthy tea is for our body and mind.

A year later, during our vacation in Japan, we also visited a tea farm. After our walk through the tea fields, we treated ourselves with a beautiful and mindful tea ceremony. Since then we began to get obsessed with tea. We wanted to taste more and more tea and also bring the enthusiasm of the Chinese tea farmer to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

We love tea. Tea is not only very tasty, but also healthy. Let alone to say, tea is one of the most climate-friendly drinks after tap water. Here is where our ideas merge together: we love to be environmentally conscious as well as enjoy a healthy lifestyle. That's what we stand for.

To choose consciously

We consciously opt for the environment and for a fair product. What we can influence is our own packaging and the products we select to offer to you. We deliberately choose for packaging that not only keeps the tea fresh and looks beautiful, but also packaging that can be fully recycled. We noticed that many packaging materials are composed of different materials. They often contain plastic, paper and aluminum. Our fully recyclable packaging is made entirely of polyethylene, a type of plastic. We know, we know, it's plastic. However, polyethylene is one of the most durable plastics! You can recycle the material very well. Compare with the un-recyclable paper, aluminum mixed packing, we believe our recyclable packing is a more environmental responsible choice.

All our tea is grown sustainably. We work exclusively with a major tea importer in Europe who ensures that tea, herbs and fruit are grown sustainably and traded fairly from the local farmers.

Tea:healthy and hip

We consciously avoid drinking sugary drinks and only occasionally some alcoholic drinks. We know that consuming sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks are actually not so healthy for both the climate and our own health. Instead, drinking tea is a healthy and environmentally responsible way to enjoy and delicious and healthy drink. The Dutch Nutrition Center says the following about tea:“Drinking green and black tea reduces the risk of a stroke and lowers blood pressure. That is why adults are advised to drink 3 cups of green tea or black tea a day. ”

We want to make stay healthy also be very tasty. We are constantly looking for healthy tea blends and herbal blends with which you can enjoy while keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy endlessly

In the supermarket you will find many different flavors of tea, but a world opened up for us when we gained more knowledge about the various types of teas and tea/spice blends. With our loose tea you can serve delicious, healthy and original drinks. We are always looking for new flavors of tea and tea/spice blends. We therefore aim to regularly add new flavors of loose tea to our webshop collections. We hope to help you stay heathy and enjoy a delicious, environmental responsible lifestyle together.

Do you also want to stay healthy while caring for the environmental responsible, but finding it difficult to choose which loose tea to drink? Then let yourself be surprised by our Tea Surprise Box . Prefer to choose yourself? Then shop our selection of loose tea here .