The sustainable packaging for our loose tea

Blog banner nieuwe duurzame verpakking voor losse thee van Earl Orange

We proudly present our sustainable packaging! All our loose tea is packed in fully recyclable packaging.

It took us quite some time to find the right packaging. Many aroma pouches for storing food products contain composite materials. This is often a combination of paper, plastic and aluminum. This makes it impossible to recycle the packaging due to this combination. Therefore these kind of packagings are always instructed to throw to the un-recyclable waste. After a long search, we found this 100% recyclable packaging for all our loose tea.

Sustainably grown tea

All our tea is grown sustainably. We work exclusively with a major tea importer in Europe who ensures that all the teas and tea blends are grown sustainably and traded fairly from the local farmers. Now that our tea is environmental friendly, we will make sure the same for our packaging!

Label: a more clear design

We redesigned all of our loose tea labels to make them easier to identify. You can immediately tell from the colors whether you have a green/white tea, black/oolong tea, herbal tea, fruit tea or rooibos tea. The label itself is also carefully selected to be sustainable. They are made from fully recycled paper.

Packed airtight and sealed

Our packaging is not only durable, the bags are also sealed airtight. This keeps the tea fresh for longer! The bags are easy to open thanks to the notch on the side.

Closing strip without aluminum

Even after you have opened the bags you can keep the tea fresh for a long time thanks to the closing strip. You can reseal the bags as often as you want.

Fully recyclable material

Our packaging is made entirely of polyethylene, a type of plastic. Polyethylene, like other plastics, is not quickly broken down by bacteria, so it would wander in the environment for a long time if you just throw it away in the general garbage. However, polyethylene is one of the most durable plastics! You can recycle the material very well. The material can be remelted almost endlessly into a new utensil. Therefore, please keep in mind to throw the empty packaging into the recycle plastics garbage for our environment!

Do you also want to enjoy delicious loose tea in an environmentally friendly way? Shop here all our flavors of loose tea. Order now!


  • Mooie verpakking, Heel goed dat deze recyclebaarr is

    Roos Verbeek
  • Wat goed dat jullie je hier op richten! Jullie thee was al lekker, maar zal nu nog beter smaken :-)


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