How to make traditional Moroccan mint tea? This is how you make mint tea

Traditionele Marokkaanse muntthee maken? Zo maak je muntthee

When you order a fresh mint tea in the Netherlands, you often get hot water and some fresh mint leaves. Very tasty, but this is not tea. We call it just an herbal extract. Do you want to make a real traditional Moroccan mint tea? Then you not only need fresh mint, but also green tea (and sugar).

Drinking mint tea is central to social life in the Maghreb area. Traditionally, the tea is prepared with fresh spearmint, Chinese gunpowder green tea, water and sugar.

How do you make traditional Moroccan mint tea?

If you want to make a real classic Moroccan mint tea, you need fresh spearmint and this loose green tea China Gunpowder. This is how you make traditional Moroccan mint tea:

1. Place the Chinese Gunpowder tea in a metal teapot and rinse with a little boiling water. This will reduce the strong green tea flavor a bit.
2. After rinsing the tea leaves, add the fresh mint leaves and sugar to your taste.
3. Pour boiling water and let the tea boil for another five minutes.
4. The tea is poured into small tea glasses. When pouring out, the first glass of tea that is poured from the pot is poured back into the pot. This is done to mix all flavors well together. Then you can pour the rest of the glasses.

What ingredients do you need to make Moroccan mint tea?

To make a traditional Moroccan mint tea you need fresh spearmint, sugar, water and the China gunpowder green tea. China Gunpowder tea is a type of green Chinese tea in which the tea leaves are rolled. Read more here about China Gunpowder tea and you can order it.

Moroccan mint tea for everyday use

Do you want to quickly and easily enjoy the taste of Moroccan mint tea? Our loose tea Green tea - Moroccan mint tea contains Chinese gunpowder tea and spearmint. This tea blend is perfectly balanced for a good taste ratio between green tea and mint. For this tea you only need to add boiling water and sugar to your taste.

Mint tea with honey

Although Moroccan mint tea is drunk with sugar according to the traditional recipe, mint tea with honey is also very tasty. Honey is a healthy substitute for sugar.


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