What to do with your used tea leaves?

Wat te doen met je gebruikte theeblaadjes?


You can of course throw your loose tea leaves directly into the compost bin after use, but did you know that you can also do a lot more with it

1. Use as a seasoning

Season rice or pasta with your used tea leaves! Black tea and green tea are especially good for flavoring rice or pasta with spicy dishes. Or how about rice or pasta flavored with a used fruit blend served with or through a salad. All you have to do is place the tea filter or tea bag in the water while cooking the rice or pasta..

2. Take a bath

Do you no longer have bath foam in the house? Don't worry! Use your used tea leaves to make the bath water smell wonderful. Herbal blends are especially suitable for a herbal bath, but green, white and black tea also work wonders in the bath water. The tea leaves contain antioxidants and could be good for the skin. In addition, who does not enjoy the delicious scents of pure tea. Hang a tea bag under the tap and put a few tea bags in the bath. Put the herbal blends and tea leaves in a tightly closed tea bag, because before you know it your drain will be clogged..

3. Use as an after sun

Green, white and black tea contain antioxidants that are good for your skin, among other things. Is your skin burnt from the sun? Old tea water may help soothe your skin.

4. Water your plants with tea

You can also use pure green, white and black tea to water your plants. Put the used tea leaves in a filter in your watering can and pour the water over your plants after a maximum of half an hour. Make sure that the tea is not steeped in the water, the plants don't like that either. The light tea helps the plants to protect themselves against fungus, which the plants like ...

Wash your smelly hands

If you have dirty smelly hands, for example after cutting onions, garlic or fish, rub your hands with used tea leaves. You can certainly use pure green, white and black tea leaves for this, but feel free to experiment with some herbs and fruit blends ...

Another tip for reusing used tea leaves Let us know!!


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