The most famous flavored green tea - Jasmine tea!


What's the most famous flavored green tea? Three, two, one ... yes, the jasmine tea! A fragrant flavored green tea with subtle sweetness. 

Jasmine has symbolic meaning in Chinese culture. The jasmine flower is not only the symbol of eternal love, but is also one of the sacred within Buddhism. The scent of jasmine is believed to come from heaven.☁️

The most famous Jasmine tea region is in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. In the past, people in Fuzhou used tea as an antidote to many toxins.

When producing jasmine tea, the tea leaves are harvested in early spring and stored until late summer when fresh jasmine flowers are in bloom. Jasmine flowers are picked early in the day when the small petals are still closed. The flowers stay cool until nightfall. At night, the jasmine flowers open and then release their fragrance. This is when the aromatization of the green tea takes place.

There are two main methods used to flavor jasmine tea. In one method, the tea leaves and jasmine flowers are placed in alternating sieve layers; in the other, the tea leaves are mixed with jasmine flowers and kept overnight. It takes more than four hours for the tea to absorb the aroma and flavor of the jasmine blossoms. The scenting process can be repeated as many as six or seven times for best results. Since the tea absorbs moisture from the fresh jasmine flowers, it must be dried again to avoid spoilage.

After the fragrance process, most of the jasmine flowers are removed and a green tea remains, smelling of jasmine.

Our sustainably produced jasmine tea comes from the Chinese jasmine tea region Fujian. It is prepared using the traditional 'scenting' method. During the day, when the buds of the jasmine plants close, the buds are picked. These are then added to freshly picked spring-harvested tea and left to dry, along with the jamine tops. During the drying process, the jasmine blossoms are then largely separated from the tea. This special tea has an intense aroma of jasmine and a floral taste.


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