The Chinese tea capital Anxi

Fujian An'xi Milky Oolong Photos via Instagram, from left to right: @mannequion;@soooleila;@llimshady;@ sca.1016;@ ang.kaiyang

The Anxi arrondissement is located on the southeast coast of Fujian province in China. Due to its special geographic location and good natural ecological conditions, Anxi is the origin of Chinese oolong tea and also one of the largest green tea producing areas in the world. The arrondissement is known as the Chinese tea capital.

In contrast to other teas for which the upper, younger tea leaves are used, for oolong tea mainly the larger, well-formed tea leaves are used. Oolong teas undergo several delicate processes to obtain its unique aroma and taste and are the most labor intensive to produce.

Do you want to see the tea pickers at work Then you have the best chance of seeing this in May or October. Besides picking tea leaves, you can also visit other things in Anxi. The district has several tourist attractions, including Qingshui Yan Temple, Confucius Temple, Fengshan Forest Park, and Putuo Temple. 

Fujian An'xi Milky Oolong
Photo via Instagram:@ _shayne.idgas 

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